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"Provocative, Challenging, Married!"

For many years the Motts, Carol and Paul, have been a fixture on Toronto radio, entertaining, enlightening, and at times enraging (mostly Paul) audiences throughout southern Ontario.

Both Carol and Paul originally worked separately, Paul, as news director at CJRN Radio in Niagara Falls during its hay days of talk, and Carol, doing talk, hosting an interview program and writing award winning commercials.

They were put together as a husband and wife talk team and the rest is history.  

Broadcasting from the beautiful rolling hills of Erin. Ontario, “The Motts”, can now be heard LIVE and ONLINE at ( !

NOW, LIVE Saturday and Sunday mornings, 6 til 9 on Indepth Radio Newstalk 1010 & Newstalk 610 CKTB!

This unique husband and wife team deal with the issues of the day, from the personal to the political...the show is fun, entertaining, and at times stimulating!    

Guests include leading researchers, authors, politicians, journalists and experts in a variety of fields.

Here's what listeners are saying about The Motts.

"It sounds like you're in our husband says the same things"!

"I have always appreciated the chemistry you have, the topics you choose, and the way you respectfully let both your guests and callers express themselves. You are a class act."

"I loved to hear the unique chemistry of husband & wife on the talk show. It was balanced, spontaneous and the topics were always interesting and varied."

"I have listened to you two since before you were married! I listen pretty much every-day. You have had a huge impact on my life.”

“I missed your show. Your opposing views on issues helped me see both sides of the coin".

"Thanks for your newsletters and congratulations on your new venture.  I have been listening to you for quite some time on and love the show".

THE MOTTS..available 24/7 on our Listen page.  Download the podcasts!


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